Tidal—one of the major music streaming services tasked us to create the best music store there is.

Tidal’s owner Jay Z wanted to get away from traditional “list of track names and “Buy” buttons next to it” approach, so we looked for inspiration in vintage record stores, where you have to sort through physical records for quite some (although enjoyable) time before choosing the long-play you came there for.

After many iterations we landed on this “digital-meets-physical” direction that is based heavily on cover art and has just enough depth to it to feel a bit skeuomorphic, yet not really. The game of fine margins proved successful and provided direction to something really special that you’ll find a couple of scrolls down.



Motion Graphics

The Cube
To bring that cozy warm feeling of flipping through a CD jewel case booklet, but with a modern twist, we created something called The Cube.

The experience was built in three.js and is mobile first, although this thing looks quite stunning on a desktop, too.

Everything is highly interactive, yet the platform is extremely flexible and allows for multiple types of content—from static images and music to HD videos and 3D objects.