People of Uber

This is a small side-project of mine, where I collect the coolest stories told by Uber drivers. Those guys see a thousand strangers a month and absolutely definitely totally positively there is a couple of weirdos in that mighty thousand. And those are the ones I’m after. To make it all fun I invite a cool illustrator for every story and give them 20 minutes to draw a cool portrait of the driver who told the story (for privacy reasons those faces might not be of real drivers of course), since 20 minutes is what it takes on average to uber somewhere in the city.





I am patiently waiting until Uber calls me and threatens to sue my ass if I don’t take down the site since it probably doesn’t do much good to their brand (like you could damage it more at this point), although I look at it from another perspective—these are real stories told by real drivers and you cannot really do anything about reality (for legal reasons, I might’ve just lied in this sentence). It’s unapologetically authentic and I plan to keep it this way.