Moose is a personal finance app that is trying to solve your monetary problems by being clever and also looking all pretty. It predicts your spending patterns, helps you figure out why your paycheck vaporizes into nothing, doing the hard work of getting your bills under control and many more other cool things. Moose is the best thing for your money after more money.

After multiple naming concepts and design iterations we landed on a simple ultra-friendly mark and that projected well onto the rest of the style—bright, very fresh, yet refined and without too many rounded corners in UI. The application allowed color to take the lead and the palette is playing a core part in the navigation system.




Both the app and the website featured various illustrations and rather witty (at least for a personal finance app) copywriting to break the stereotype of financial things being dry and boring. The experience was focused around prolonged engagement and bite-size information, giving users broad picture at a glance.